I can't believe it's been a week since Abram's memorial service, people are still getting in touch to tell me how moved they were by the whole day and how honoured they felt to be part of it.  It really was a magical occasion.


And we have raised $14,645 for the Abram Wilson Foundation!  You can donate by clicking HERE.


One of the best parts about the whole afternoon was that everyone was genuinely celebrating.  We were dancing, smiling, laughing and singing even though we had lost someone we loved and cared for deeply.  That to me was truly special.  Last Wednesday reminded many of us about the importance of life and love.

Here are a few more images including the moment when Wynton Marsalis and his band members arrived and the jam session later that night at Ronnie Scott's, which was dedicated to Abram.  I've also added some short videos from the day.

Finally, I wanted to share some memories and thoughts about Abram that people offered up on the day.  They are wonderful, so please take a minute, put the kettle on and enjoy.

Till soon!


Jennie x

I remember the first time I met Abram - it was the first time he met my brother - he felt my brother set the piano on fire - I remember thinking it's the first time I'd heard the trumpet sing.  Such melody, such beauty. I didn't know Abram long but he felt and still feels like family. Listening to the 'quartet' play today I heard Abram sing.  It was wonderful.  Thank you for sharing his life, love and gift.

The big love that was felt today was granted by you.

Man Abram, you can play the blues!  So soulful in every meaning of the word.  I will never forget the great times we shared. Swing on.

Abram is definitely one of the most inspiring people I have ever met - he taught me to play the blues aged 8, something which has stayed with me ever since.  I will remember him and what he taught me for the rest of my life.

Abram Wilson - a truly inspirational man.  I'll always remember the first workshop I did with him...the blues - singing with him...True feeling.

Abram was my mentor, the person who gave me confidence, the person who inpired me, the person I looked up to...He was like a brother.

 Abram could play.

A truly inpirational human being!  Will never forget our time listening, talking about and playing jazz.  This time was inspiring and will stay with me forever.

Abram was always inspiring to jazz musicians including myself.  He was always enthusiastic!!  Always dancing, and shaking that ass!!  I will always remember the amazing tone of his trumpet!!  But there is one thing I will ALWAYS remember, forever, "5-1...3-1...7-1".

The first time I met Abram he called me 'sir', I loved him then.

Dude gave me a whole lesson on stage presence/performance.  That's Abram.  Yet there was a lot more depth to the man.  I experienced this through your music but I can only imagine the blessings people would have received by knowing you.

So long Abram, personal trainer, confidence booster, style guru, food hoover! smiler - All round lovely guy.  And not a bad musician either!  We all miss you very much.

Abram, you are amazing.  Amazing, amazing, amazing,  Today was testament to just how amazing you are. Your spirit and music live on and I am so happy to have known you and shared so many happy times with you : ) We will miss you but we'll be together again some day.  I know it!

Knew Abram as the love of Jennie's life.

Abram, you were one in a million, never knew a man so dedicated to his music and the teaching of others...Gone but not forgotten, Abram will always be a part of our life.

He was like my big brother.  I'll miss you so much Abram.

Will always remember your smile, always happy.

"I may no be a King of Jazz - yet.  But I'm definitely a prince" - Abram Wilson, March 2012

I remember...his quiet way of holding a room - I remember time, the time he had for others who wanted to learn about what he did, how he made THAT music.  I remember him smiling, Jennie smiling - the two of them together.  I take that forward.

The most beautiful and talented man I've ever had the pleasure to cross paths with.  You'll be missed.

Abram, it's your sweetness and lack of pretension I will always treasure, to have those qualities and such talent is remarkable. With love always.

I liked the way you were.  I adored the sound of your mellow, smiling voice. And you did fine things for my friend Jennie.

Such an amazing man. He will always be in our hearts.  He has touched many lives.  Abram inspired me.

Abram, full of love, full of life, full of JAZZ.  My brother you will be missed but not forgotten.  Thank you.


Yesterday was a fitting tribute to the life of the much loved and inspirational jazz musician, composer and educator Abram Wilson.

It was a day full of smiles, laughter and fond memories which reflected the many different aspects of Abram's life.  We brought a bit of New Orleans to London with a beautiful and uplifiting procession led by Kevin Robinson and Karen Gibson involving the Maria Fidelis Choir and many of the musicians with whom Abram worked during the ten years he resided in the UK.

Wynton Marsalis and some of his band members from Jazz at Lincoln Center turned up at the last minute and helped to ensure that the day was firmly rooted in the traditions of Abram's hometown.

Thank you to Team J-Bram for helping with all the behind the scenes bits including donning those rather fetching hi-viz jackets on the day, John Langley and the team at the National Theatre for being amazing and enabling the procession to cut right across the South Bank, the lovely police officers who stopped traffic for us, Abram's sister Hannah, Pia Furtado and Anthony Welsh for their moving readings, and the musicians and the choir for all their hard work leading up to the big day.

A very special thank you goes to Kevin Robison and Karen Gibson who despite their hectic schedules pulled out all the stops to make the day truly memorable.  Thank you to Abram's band members, Alex Davis on double bass, Dave Hamblett on drums and Reuben James on piano for being there and playing Abram's music, we could hear him singing and playing his horn with you.

And finally, a BIG thank you to everyone who attended and ensured we celebrated Abram's life in style.

You are all awesome and I couldn't have done it without you.

We have nearly raised $14,000 and still have a month to go before the online campaign for the Abram Wilson Foundation finishes.  Please donate by clicking HERE.

There's also a great video posted by Mr Marsalis' team of them playing in the second line parade (protected by our fab 'WHO DAT!' umbrellas!):


Till soon!


Jennie x



We have had some more donations over the last few days meaning we're oh so very close to hitting $13,000!  Thank you all so much.

To make a donation please follow the link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/abramwilson/philippa-the-abram-wilson-foundation

As you know Abram's memorial service is tomorrow, so I popped down to the National Theatre this morning to film a little video of the meeting point which I've included here.

It looks like it's going to be very hot, so some second line umbrellas and handkerchiefs will come in useful after all!  Don't forget to bring some water as well : )

I'm looking forward to seeing those of you who can make it and together I hope we can celebrate Abram's life in a way that would make him proud.

Till soon!


Jennie x


Just a quick update today.  The Abram Wilson Foundation has received nearly $12,600 which means we managed to raise an additional $500 in just one week - amazing!  Thanks to everyone who has pledged over the last few days. 

To make a donation just follow the link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/abramwilson/philippa-the-abram-wilson-foundation

I wanted to share some more of the preparations that have been going on behind the scenes for Abram's memorial service next Wednesday. 

A couple of nights ago some members of Team J-Bram (a name coined thanks to the tireless support they have given me, Abram and our families over the last couple of months) got together to decorate some second line umbrellas for the procession part of the memorial.  

A traditional New Orleans procession is typically made up of the first line, which includes the band and family members, followed by the second line which is everyone else.  In order to be true to the second line we need brightly decorated umbrellas and handkerchiefs with which to dance to the music, this is called 'second lining'. 

I've included a short video and some pictures showing the decorating in full swing and explaining the New Orleans phrase 'Who Dat!'.  

If you feel inspired to decorate you're own umbrella that would be fantastic, but if not just bring a handkerchief to wave instead. 

Till soon!


Jennie x


Well, the Foundation has surpassed $12,000 this week thanks to your incredible support!  

Thank you so much. 

If you've yet to donate please follow the link:


I thought I'd use my next update as an opportunity to remind you about Abram's memorial service which is happening a week today, on Wednesday 25th July. 

The service is open to all so if you are able to attend please come down and join us. 

The details are as follows:

1:30pm - Meet on the South Bank in front of the National Theatre in their square closest to the IBM building (if you find yourself watching the end of a juggling act you are in the wrong square)

1:30pm - 2pm - Procession towards St John's Church, Waterloo Road, London, SE1 8TY 

2pm - Arrive at church and take seats

Dress code: Smart and colourful 

We had a rehearsal yesterday with the band made up of the wonderful Kevin Robinson, Frank Heather, Jean Toussaint, Binker Golding, Jason Yarde, Tyrone Issac-Stuarts, Winston Rollins, Trevor Mires, Nathaniel Cross, Theon Cross, Andy Grappy, Pedro Segundo, Dave Hamblett, Alex Davis, Errol Linton and Reuben James.  And we were joined by the fabulous Maria Fidelis Choir led by Karen Gibson. 

It was a pretty emotional day for all of us but we're very excited about putting on a fantastic show for Abram.  I think he would be really proud of everyone involved for the huge effort they have made in helping me put the service together. 

A big thank you to them, the Southbank Centre and the National Theatre for being such rocks. 

I've included a little clip of the band and choir going over the tune Down By The Riverside for the first time. 

I hope it gets you in the mood for a serious New Orleans celebration of Abram's life next week.

Keep spreading the word about the Foundation, 38 days to go!

Till soon!


Jennie x


Another day awaits, another story to share about Abram and a few more donations to add to the pot. We have raised a total of $11,399 thanks to some very generous supporters this week, I know Abram would be deeply touched so thank you to everyone who has pledged so far.  If you still haven't had a chance to donate you can do so by clicking HERE

Today I wanted to highlight Abram’s passion for music education which I hope will be a big part of the Foundation’s work in the future.

This is a video from a workshop Abram did on 23rd May at Truro College whilst we were on tour in Devon and Cornwall. It was a couple of days before Abram went into hospital and no one would have known how bad he was feeling that day. It amazes me to watch it and see his light still shining through as he talks about forging a career in the jazz world, sings Bye Bye Blackbird and jams with some of the students.

Abram loved jazz music more than anything, and he LOVED swing. His first instrument was the drums and when he talked about swing he'd start imitating playing a kit with his right hand, his eyes would light up and he'd say (smiling big) "there's something about swing...it just makes you feel so gooood!". He believed that if children and young people could learn about it and how to play it then the rest would be easy, they couldn't fail to love it.

It’s about nine minutes, so please go and get a cup of tea, or a coffee if you’re not feeling very English, and soak up the wonderfulness that continues to be Abram Wilson.

Thank you again for believing in Abram and the Foundation. Please let your friends and family know about the incredible job we’re all doing.

Till soon!

Jennie x


The Kickstarter campaign is doing really well with pledges still coming in, we've raised $8,614 to date and still have many days left to go before the page closes.  So keep spreading the word and thank you for your support!


I've been doing a bit of thinking about what to share with you next, and I thought I'd give you an insight into the inspiration behind Abram and his work.  Abram was one of the most generous, talented, hard working artists I'd ever met.  He lived for his music, and his whole life would pour out of that trumpet every time he picked it up. 

One of the things he used to talk about in terms of what turned him onto jazz was the Wynton Marsalis Septet.  He'd recall the first time he saw them play in New Orleans when he was about 16 years old, and how impressed he was by these tall, proud, eloquent black men playing this incredible music.  That was the moment Abram decided to focus on jazz music. 

Here's a great clip of them playing Happy Birthday to pianist Marcus Roberts.



About 20 years later Abram formed a septet that would prove to be one of his best bands yet, the Abram Wilson 'Olympic' Septet.  It included his regular rhythm section, Alex Davis on bass, Dave Hamblett on drums and Reuben James on piano but with the added bonus of Peter King on alto sax, Jean Toussaint on tenor sax and Winston Rollins/Trevor Mires on trombone.  The band had a string of dates booked this summer and had already performed three before Abram was admitted into hospital in late May.

The septet music, 'Running With The Flame', was inspired by the London 2012 Olympics.  Abram had come up with this idea to arrange traditional folk songs from around the world in a jazz style.  It sounded completely insane when he told me about it, but Abram had an incredible ability to hear things most people couldn't even dream of, he'd say "trust me Jennie, it's gonna sound goooood" and break out into a huge grin, because when he talked about the music he loved that's all he could ever do - smile big!

So this is a video from a gig on 4th May 2012 at Bedales Arts, near Petersfield in England.  This is the final tune of the night, the encore to be precise, where the band played a folk song from Abram's homeland, New Orleans.  It's called L'il Liza James.



Don't forget to donate - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/abramwilson/philippa-the-abram-wilson-foundation


Jennie x


Hello and Happy Friday!

I hope you've all got some lovely plans for the weekend.  I'm just going to make this a short one today and instead hand the 'mic' over to the band.

I've included four outakes from not too long ago, they were filmed on Tuesday 22nd May in Devon before we headed off to St Ives for the second gig of Abram's final tour.

We were getting a recording together for the Kickstarter video which we were planning to launch once we returned to London.  I thought it would be fun to share some of the 'behind the scenes' bits, I hope you enjoy them.

We've surpassed $8,260 on the Abram Wilson Foundation Kickstarter page. A big thank you very much to those of you have pledged recently!  We've still got 50 days to go so please keep spreading the word.

Here's the link if you still haven't got round to making a donation:


Till soon!


Jennie x


photo: Jennie & Abram

photo © Benjamin Amure 2012

It was only a week ago today we launched Abram's Kickstarter page and we have just hit our initial $7000 target! How awesome is that? You are the reason that this has happened and I can't thank you enough for your support, Abram would be seriously amazed too. 


But why stop there? If there is one thing Abram taught me to do it was to dream big. He would probably say "Jennie, imagine if we raised $100,000, wouldn't that be cool?". And I would have to say, "Abram, we're not going to raise $100,000". He'd say, "Come on, imagine if we did. What would we do?".

And I'd look at him very sceptically and say "Well, we would definitely be able to finish the Philippa project, we could see the theatrical production we started earlier this year right through to the end without having to worry about raising any more funds from elsewhere. It would also mean we could endow your Foundation and get going on all the other projects we want to do". Abram would turn and give me one of his big beautiful smiles and say "Wow. That. Would. Be. Cool".

Well, anything is possible and whilst it wasn't our initial goal to raise $100,000 for the Foundation using Kickstarter, there's no reason why we can't aim for it. Once the Kickstarter campaign ends on 25th August we will still continue to fundraise in order to establish the Foundation properly, so the more pledges we receive now the more we can do later.

Before I go, I wanted to offer you a poem that I shared with Abram a few years ago. We were just starting out on our journey together, and this poem reminded me of Abram and all he hoped to achieve in life.


Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven

HAD I the heavens’ embroidered cloths,

Enrought with golden and silver light,

The blue and the dim and the dark cloths

Of night and light and the half light,

I would spread the cloths under your feet:

But I, being poor, have only my dreams;

I have spread my dreams under your feet;

Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.


W.B Yeats (1899)


You are part of realising Abram's dreams, thank you so much. Please let your friends and family know that this is just the beginning.

To watch the video and find out more about making a donation follow the link: 



Till soon!

Love, Jennie x


Firstly, a massive THANK YOU to those who have made a donation towards The Abram Wilson Foundation, we have already surpassed $4,500 since we launched the Kickstarter page on Tuesday which is amazing.

It means so much that you have chosen to be part of Abram's legacy and I know he would be very proud of what we're trying to achieve together. 
Three weeks ago today Abram and I got married. It was something we'd always talked about but we had been waiting for the right time. The 8th June 2012 seemed like as good a time as any. Our wedding day was a true testament to Abram's strength, his courage and his love, not just for me but for his family and friends as well. 

Abram may no longer be with us physically, but his spirit remains part of all of us. I miss him every day, but he left me with some incredible gifts, he taught be to be brave and to stay positive even when things are hard. I imagine what Abram might say to me when I'm finding things tough, I think he'd say "I'm cool, man. Don't you worry about me, I'm cool. And don't be sad, we still have so much to do".

Abram lived his life like no one I've ever met before, or ever will, he didn't want to waste a second. He knew from the moment he picked up his first trumpet, aged eight years old, what his purpose in life was and he was determined to follow that path. 

It is because of Abram's passion and his dedication to music, jazz in particular, that me and his family wanted to establish a foundation in his memory. If Abram were with me right now, I know he would be beyond exited at the amount of support everyone has shown.

The more donations we receive, the more we will be able to keep Abram's work and memory alive.

So thank you again and please spread the word far and wide about Abram and his foundation. 
Till soon!
Jennie x