photo: Jennie & Abram

photo © Benjamin Amure 2012

It was only a week ago today we launched Abram's Kickstarter page and we have just hit our initial $7000 target! How awesome is that? You are the reason that this has happened and I can't thank you enough for your support, Abram would be seriously amazed too. 


But why stop there? If there is one thing Abram taught me to do it was to dream big. He would probably say "Jennie, imagine if we raised $100,000, wouldn't that be cool?". And I would have to say, "Abram, we're not going to raise $100,000". He'd say, "Come on, imagine if we did. What would we do?".

And I'd look at him very sceptically and say "Well, we would definitely be able to finish the Philippa project, we could see the theatrical production we started earlier this year right through to the end without having to worry about raising any more funds from elsewhere. It would also mean we could endow your Foundation and get going on all the other projects we want to do". Abram would turn and give me one of his big beautiful smiles and say "Wow. That. Would. Be. Cool".

Well, anything is possible and whilst it wasn't our initial goal to raise $100,000 for the Foundation using Kickstarter, there's no reason why we can't aim for it. Once the Kickstarter campaign ends on 25th August we will still continue to fundraise in order to establish the Foundation properly, so the more pledges we receive now the more we can do later.

Before I go, I wanted to offer you a poem that I shared with Abram a few years ago. We were just starting out on our journey together, and this poem reminded me of Abram and all he hoped to achieve in life.


Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven

HAD I the heavens’ embroidered cloths,

Enrought with golden and silver light,

The blue and the dim and the dark cloths

Of night and light and the half light,

I would spread the cloths under your feet:

But I, being poor, have only my dreams;

I have spread my dreams under your feet;

Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.


W.B Yeats (1899)


You are part of realising Abram's dreams, thank you so much. Please let your friends and family know that this is just the beginning.

To watch the video and find out more about making a donation follow the link: 



Till soon!

Love, Jennie x


Firstly, a massive THANK YOU to those who have made a donation towards The Abram Wilson Foundation, we have already surpassed $4,500 since we launched the Kickstarter page on Tuesday which is amazing.

It means so much that you have chosen to be part of Abram's legacy and I know he would be very proud of what we're trying to achieve together. 
Three weeks ago today Abram and I got married. It was something we'd always talked about but we had been waiting for the right time. The 8th June 2012 seemed like as good a time as any. Our wedding day was a true testament to Abram's strength, his courage and his love, not just for me but for his family and friends as well. 

Abram may no longer be with us physically, but his spirit remains part of all of us. I miss him every day, but he left me with some incredible gifts, he taught be to be brave and to stay positive even when things are hard. I imagine what Abram might say to me when I'm finding things tough, I think he'd say "I'm cool, man. Don't you worry about me, I'm cool. And don't be sad, we still have so much to do".

Abram lived his life like no one I've ever met before, or ever will, he didn't want to waste a second. He knew from the moment he picked up his first trumpet, aged eight years old, what his purpose in life was and he was determined to follow that path. 

It is because of Abram's passion and his dedication to music, jazz in particular, that me and his family wanted to establish a foundation in his memory. If Abram were with me right now, I know he would be beyond exited at the amount of support everyone has shown.

The more donations we receive, the more we will be able to keep Abram's work and memory alive.

So thank you again and please spread the word far and wide about Abram and his foundation. 
Till soon!
Jennie x