Just a quick update today.  The Abram Wilson Foundation has received nearly $12,600 which means we managed to raise an additional $500 in just one week - amazing!  Thanks to everyone who has pledged over the last few days. 

To make a donation just follow the link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/abramwilson/philippa-the-abram-wilson-foundation

I wanted to share some more of the preparations that have been going on behind the scenes for Abram's memorial service next Wednesday. 

A couple of nights ago some members of Team J-Bram (a name coined thanks to the tireless support they have given me, Abram and our families over the last couple of months) got together to decorate some second line umbrellas for the procession part of the memorial.  

A traditional New Orleans procession is typically made up of the first line, which includes the band and family members, followed by the second line which is everyone else.  In order to be true to the second line we need brightly decorated umbrellas and handkerchiefs with which to dance to the music, this is called 'second lining'. 

I've included a short video and some pictures showing the decorating in full swing and explaining the New Orleans phrase 'Who Dat!'.  

If you feel inspired to decorate you're own umbrella that would be fantastic, but if not just bring a handkerchief to wave instead. 

Till soon!


Jennie x