I can't believe it's been a week since Abram's memorial service, people are still getting in touch to tell me how moved they were by the whole day and how honoured they felt to be part of it.  It really was a magical occasion.


And we have raised $14,645 for the Abram Wilson Foundation!  You can donate by clicking HERE.


One of the best parts about the whole afternoon was that everyone was genuinely celebrating.  We were dancing, smiling, laughing and singing even though we had lost someone we loved and cared for deeply.  That to me was truly special.  Last Wednesday reminded many of us about the importance of life and love.

Here are a few more images including the moment when Wynton Marsalis and his band members arrived and the jam session later that night at Ronnie Scott's, which was dedicated to Abram.  I've also added some short videos from the day.

Finally, I wanted to share some memories and thoughts about Abram that people offered up on the day.  They are wonderful, so please take a minute, put the kettle on and enjoy.

Till soon!


Jennie x

I remember the first time I met Abram - it was the first time he met my brother - he felt my brother set the piano on fire - I remember thinking it's the first time I'd heard the trumpet sing.  Such melody, such beauty. I didn't know Abram long but he felt and still feels like family. Listening to the 'quartet' play today I heard Abram sing.  It was wonderful.  Thank you for sharing his life, love and gift.

The big love that was felt today was granted by you.

Man Abram, you can play the blues!  So soulful in every meaning of the word.  I will never forget the great times we shared. Swing on.

Abram is definitely one of the most inspiring people I have ever met - he taught me to play the blues aged 8, something which has stayed with me ever since.  I will remember him and what he taught me for the rest of my life.

Abram Wilson - a truly inspirational man.  I'll always remember the first workshop I did with him...the blues - singing with him...True feeling.

Abram was my mentor, the person who gave me confidence, the person who inpired me, the person I looked up to...He was like a brother.

 Abram could play.

A truly inpirational human being!  Will never forget our time listening, talking about and playing jazz.  This time was inspiring and will stay with me forever.

Abram was always inspiring to jazz musicians including myself.  He was always enthusiastic!!  Always dancing, and shaking that ass!!  I will always remember the amazing tone of his trumpet!!  But there is one thing I will ALWAYS remember, forever, "5-1...3-1...7-1".

The first time I met Abram he called me 'sir', I loved him then.

Dude gave me a whole lesson on stage presence/performance.  That's Abram.  Yet there was a lot more depth to the man.  I experienced this through your music but I can only imagine the blessings people would have received by knowing you.

So long Abram, personal trainer, confidence booster, style guru, food hoover! smiler - All round lovely guy.  And not a bad musician either!  We all miss you very much.

Abram, you are amazing.  Amazing, amazing, amazing,  Today was testament to just how amazing you are. Your spirit and music live on and I am so happy to have known you and shared so many happy times with you : ) We will miss you but we'll be together again some day.  I know it!

Knew Abram as the love of Jennie's life.

Abram, you were one in a million, never knew a man so dedicated to his music and the teaching of others...Gone but not forgotten, Abram will always be a part of our life.

He was like my big brother.  I'll miss you so much Abram.

Will always remember your smile, always happy.

"I may no be a King of Jazz - yet.  But I'm definitely a prince" - Abram Wilson, March 2012

I remember...his quiet way of holding a room - I remember time, the time he had for others who wanted to learn about what he did, how he made THAT music.  I remember him smiling, Jennie smiling - the two of them together.  I take that forward.

The most beautiful and talented man I've ever had the pleasure to cross paths with.  You'll be missed.

Abram, it's your sweetness and lack of pretension I will always treasure, to have those qualities and such talent is remarkable. With love always.

I liked the way you were.  I adored the sound of your mellow, smiling voice. And you did fine things for my friend Jennie.

Such an amazing man. He will always be in our hearts.  He has touched many lives.  Abram inspired me.

Abram, full of love, full of life, full of JAZZ.  My brother you will be missed but not forgotten.  Thank you.