Today is the four month mark since Abram passed. 

I wanted to remember him today by sharing some of the work he had been doing with Birmingham Town Hall and Symphony Hall (THSH).  As you may recall Abram had been announced as the venue's first Jazzlines Associate Artist earlier in the year, formalising his relationship with the then Director of Programming, Paul Keene, the venue's new jazz programme, Jazzlines, led by Tony Dudley Evans and Mary Wakelam, as well as their incredible education team headed up by Katie Banks.

Abram had worked with THSH on and off for a number of years.  In 2011 he led a jazz education project that was delivered over a number of months spreading the jazz love far and wide to the community of Birmingham, culminating in a joyful day of performances and workshops. 

Above is a short film giving you an insight into just how inspiring and infectious Abram's passion for jazz music was.

The signings for the Kickstarter rewards are almost done, just one more bandmember to go.  He's popping over on Friday to grace me with his autograph for a couple of hours so hopefully I'll be able to start posting out stuff pretty soon.

I hope you can take a moment from your day to think about Abram and that big ole smile of his. We miss him, but his legacy and vision live on.

Till soon!


Jennie x

Photo credit: Rich Spencer