Another day awaits, another story to share about Abram and a few more donations to add to the pot. We have raised a total of $11,399 thanks to some very generous supporters this week, I know Abram would be deeply touched so thank you to everyone who has pledged so far.  If you still haven't had a chance to donate you can do so by clicking HERE

Today I wanted to highlight Abram’s passion for music education which I hope will be a big part of the Foundation’s work in the future.

This is a video from a workshop Abram did on 23rd May at Truro College whilst we were on tour in Devon and Cornwall. It was a couple of days before Abram went into hospital and no one would have known how bad he was feeling that day. It amazes me to watch it and see his light still shining through as he talks about forging a career in the jazz world, sings Bye Bye Blackbird and jams with some of the students.

Abram loved jazz music more than anything, and he LOVED swing. His first instrument was the drums and when he talked about swing he'd start imitating playing a kit with his right hand, his eyes would light up and he'd say (smiling big) "there's something about swing...it just makes you feel so gooood!". He believed that if children and young people could learn about it and how to play it then the rest would be easy, they couldn't fail to love it.

It’s about nine minutes, so please go and get a cup of tea, or a coffee if you’re not feeling very English, and soak up the wonderfulness that continues to be Abram Wilson.

Thank you again for believing in Abram and the Foundation. Please let your friends and family know about the incredible job we’re all doing.

Till soon!

Jennie x