Photo credits: Benjamin Amure, Stephen Vakil, Abram Wilson and Jennie Cashman Wilson

This weekend will be six months since me and Abram were married, six months since he passed, and my birthday.  Last year Abram did the very clever thing of making me think he'd forgotten about my birthday, when actually it was the complete opposite.  In true Abram fashion he went all out to make it unforgettable and it is one of a host of memories I will treasure for many years to come.  

I'm dedicating this post to me and Abram.  I've included a selection of photos from our time together starting with a photoshoot from 24th March this year, then it jumps forward in time for a little bit before going back to 14th Feb (hence the roses).  The photoshoot was for the band but Abram wanted to take some shots of us at the end.  I've also included two poems below written by friends of ours for our wedding.  

I'm going to let the photos and poems do the talking, but before I go I want to leave you with a quote a friend sent me recently which inspired this post: 

'Life is eternal, and love is immortal, and death is but a horizon; and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.'

Till soon. 


Jennie x

Song by Tara Siddall 

He plays for her, 
turns the curves
of the trumpet
in his hands.
Its open mouth
sings the songs
of his body, his lips
press out the air,
and the colours
wrap around her.
She breathes him in.

He touches her,
reads her skin
as it warms him.
He finds the love
she keeps here,
sees his heart
held in her own,
it's quiet beat.
She is another music.
When she kisses him
it is a song.


Poem by Seraphima Kennedy

I remember sitting with the two of you 

As the wedding singers clattered their plates 

And raised glass after glass to the ceiling.

I can see you both sitting in the warm spill of candlelight,

How the air around you seemed to hum.

I remember thinking,

This is what happiness looks like,

This is what love looks like. 


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Nice piccies! 

Hi Jennie. You do not know me but I met Abram when he appeared at our jazz club, Herts Jazz in Welwyn Garden City, seven months ago. You may have been there - I dont know. We all thought that he and his band were something special and Abram made a major impact on all of us jazz enthusiastics who go back several decades. We were inspired by him and were so saddened to hear of his premature death. Reuben has been to our Club and I see he is a member of the new Clark Tracey Quintet so I can keep in touch with him - even if I cant do that with Abram. It is lovely to see your photograph Jennie. What a handsome couple you make. love and best wishes. Tony May Herts Jazz 8.12.2012
Dear Jeannie-my name is Joan Myers and I first met Abram when he started playing with Ruth Brown. I have been thinking about him and when I goggled this morning needless to say am in shock. I am so so sorry....OMG is all I can say. Ruth always called him her "little chicken." Joan